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Hi. My name’s Scott. Chances are, you already know me and are only here by my recommendation. If so, why look at the “about” section? You already know why this thing is here.

An explanation for those of you who arrived here accidentally: I’m some kid. More precisely, I’m some kid who likes music. As precisely as I care to put it, I’m some kid who likes the art of album construction and who, when he listens to music, “studies” it, to a point. (I also probably have some form of sound-color synesthesia, but that’s beside the point.)

This site is where I’ll be putting out my meaningless opinions on albums past and present, across many genres. However, I’ll need some help: I’d love recommendations for albums to review so I don’t just end up reviewing The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and BOC all the time.

Anyway, hi. Let’s listen to some music.


Posted July 28, 2012 by farglenargle

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